May 2019 – Kenya ART centres engage with ANARA

Clinical and laboratory directors of ART centres in Nairobi engaged with national, anonymous data collection in Kenya as the ANARA director visited all ART centres in Nairobi. ANARA’s vision, mission and progress was met with support and expression of interest or intent to join our Network and Registry. The Fertility and Andrology Society of Kenya (FASK), which is currently preparing its official launch, similarly expressed support. “Africa belongs to Africa and only Africa can lift Africa” Prof Koigi Kamau, Interim President of FASK, said emphasizing the importance of data and collaborations to strengthen ART and advance infertility-related reproductive health in the country and region.  A hands-on data workshop is envisaged for later this year in Kenya.

Prof Koigi Kamau, Interim President of FASK (Fertility and Andrology Society of Kenya).