“Data make the invisible visible” –Melinda Gates.

ANARA matters because we need togetherness of people and people; and togetherness of people and data to reduce the burden of infertility disease in Africa.

The purpose of our network is

  • To bring together assisted reproductive technology centres on the African continent.
    Solutions and developments require collective thinking and action.

  • To build capacity for the collection of scientific data.

  • To engage with other stakeholders in infertility in Africa.
    A network can engage far more effectively than individuals.

The purpose of our registry data is

  • To make infertility and assisted reproductive technologies in Africa visible.
    ANARA creates scientific visibility on the extent and outcomes of ART in Africa. Data from Africa represent only 1% of global ART activity.

  • To strengthen assisted reproductive technologies in Africa.
    Data are the cornerstone of development. Data document the current status of ART utilization, effectiveness and safety; reveal opportunities for improvement and growth; provide benchmarks for centres and patients; and allow us to monitor trends and change.

  • To support uptake of assisted reproductive technologies in Africa for those who stand to benefit.
    Patients, institutions, and the public often lack information about the practice, effectiveness and safety of assisted reproductive technologies. Data help to increase awareness and acceptance of health interventions.

  • To motivate for better access to assisted reproductive technologies in Africa.
    Data are a prerequisite for allocation of resources by health care planners and funders.