Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

With COVID-19 reported from every African country in our Network, this is a brief message to reach out to you. It is not meant to add to the "infodemic" of the pandemic, but simply as a heartfelt greeting. A greeting in the hope that you and your loved ones will remain safe; that the invaluable health services our clinical and laboratory teams across Africa are rendering will suffer as small a disruption as possible; and that our countries will get through what is unfolding in the best possible way.   

As necessary restrictions are imposed, we are aware that poor and vulnerable communities, of which Africa has its own abundance, suffer more than more affluent ones. But our region also has an abundance of resilience which will help us in all that lies ahead, and to recover thereafter. Moreover, no country has to face this alone. The international community, led by WHO and others, is mobilising aid for those in need. For this we are deeply grateful.   

More than ever will we need collaboration and our scientific data to protect sexual and reproductive health and rights and be prepared to do so in challenging circumstances.  

With warmest wishes to you all from the ANARA Operational Team